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Paul Hodge

Paul Hodge CPA & Associates Focus

  • 1. Our Firm: We are dedicated to remaining informed of the constantly changing tax laws and accounting developments affecting our family of clients.
  • 2. Our Process: The purpose of our accounting tactics is to accumulate and report on financial information about performance, financial position, and cash flows of your business.
  • 3. Our Clients: Paul Hodge CPA & Associates currently serves clients in a variety of different industries including retail, service, construction, environmental, medical, non-profit organizations (501(c)(3)) and copious others.

Why Choose Paul Hodge CPA & Associates?

Team of Experts

Our specialists cover everything from state and local taxes to special tax credits, Start-ups and more. And because of our sound accounting techniques, we confidently stand behind our work.

Comprehensive & Accurate Accounting

Our goal at Paul Hodge & Associates provide our clients with comprehensive, accurate small business and corporate accounting services that meet all of the relevant IRS and FASB regulations as well as GAAP protocols.

Increase Cash Flow

Paul Hodge CPA & Associates can help clarify your current cash flow positions and anticipate future cash flows and capital needs with the help of our accounting experts who help improve your return on investment.

Paul Hodge CPA & Associates.

We are an innovative accounting and consulting firm focused on the needs of small and mid-size businesses. We have a multitude of services like tax preparation & filing, bookkeeping service.

Investment Process

At Paul Hodge CPA & Associates, we strongly believe in defining clear and concise processes for all of our accounting services. We take these standard "best practice" processes and customize them to meet each of our clients' unique needs. We assign a dedicated team to your needs, made up of a staff accountant and a senior accounting member or a Certified Public Accountant which helps to ensure reliability to meet your specific Accounting Services needs. Having this core team in place provides you with the comfort of knowing someone will always be available to help. Our accounting process services include:

  • General accounting processing and management
  • Preparation of periodic financial reports
  • Preparation of bank reconciliations
  • Recording and control of billings and collections
  • Control and maintenance of fixed asset sub-ledgers and review
  • Recording and control of accounts payable and accrued expenses
  • Verification of compliance with tax requirements of invoices received
  • Processing and recording of payments

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