Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Paul Hodge CPA & Associates, PLLC has a full service payroll department.  We can handle all of your payroll service needs no matter how large or small.  We are a secure and efficient provider of payroll services.

We can provide payroll services on a weekly, semi-weekly or monthly basis.  Through our expertise with QuickBooks we can prepare paychecks or direct deposits depending on your employees needs.  We can customize your payroll to fit all your needs.

Paul Hodge CPA & Associates also keeps you compliant with timely payroll reports and deposits for 941, 940, SUTA.  We help with your fiduciary employer responsibilities and limit your exposure to the Social Security department and Texas Work Force commission.  Year end is also easy with our preparation of W-2s, W-3s and 1099s.

We understand that your business needs your full attention and we are here to provide cost effective payroll services.  Our role is to provide you with the peace of mind knowing that you are compliant with the payroll tax laws and that you have taken care of your employees.


Our Payroll Services Include:

  • Payroll Preparation
    • Weekly
    • Semi-Weekly
    • Monthly
  • Reports
    • 941
    • 940
    • TWC Report
  • Year End Services
    • W-2s
    • W-3s
    • 1099s
  • Audits
    • TWC
    • Insurance

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